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USA Triathlon Is the First Organization to be Sponsored by a CBD brand

As the public is more aware and educated that cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-intoxicating, [...]

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The Basics of Biohacking

Biohacking – also known as DIY biology – is the attempt to “upgrade” your mind [...]

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Traveling with CBD

In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) updated its policies about traveling with [...]

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First CBD Food Truck Takes Off in Tennessee

Veteran Vibe CBD, a U.S Veteran-run CBD company in Nashville Tennessee, launched the nation’s first [...]

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Colorado Study Recruits Retired Athletes To Test CBD’s Impact on Overall Health

As hemp-derived CBD becomes more readily available across retail outlets nationwide, athletes and consumers who [...]

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Live Life In The Flow

Life is busy!  We are all striving to be our best.  Working, training, trying to [...]


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A New Way To Tackle Chronic Pain For Athletes

If there was ever an occupation that made you predisposed to dealing with chronic pain [...]

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Delaying The Aging Process

Aging process is something we all experience, yet it can manifest itself in different ways. [...]

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