A New Way To Tackle Chronic Pain For Athletes

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If there was ever an occupation that made you predisposed to dealing with chronic pain and inflammation in the body, professional sports is certainly that. ‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.’ So goes a well-known but anonymous quote. For many athletes, pain is a normal everyday experience and success is often achieved in spite of pain. But what’s the best strategy for coping with and overcoming pain and how can athletes distinguish between benign and potentially damaging pain?

Challenges Pain Creates

Chronic pain syndromes and symptoms

Pain both demands attention and creates fear. It can restrict the ability to concentrate on performance and take away the opportunity to compete. Pain can even end sporting careers. The relationship between pain and sport is filled with challenges for every athlete. When injury makes athletic activity impossible, an athlete may suffer more distress than someone who does not exercise regularly. Understanding the significance of the experience for an athlete is crucial to achieving recovery. For example, to a non-athlete a fractured wrist may be an annoyance, but it may be disastrous to a collegiate pitcher who is forced to be inactive when scouts for Major League Baseball teams search for prospects.

Dealing with chronic pain impacts your quality of life, as well as your ability to perform your job. For an athlete, CBD is the natural answer to dealing with many challenges that your body is going to face each year. Studies have shown the ability of CBD to reduce inflammation and help with arthritis, which plagues many athletes as they get older.

Cannabidiol is especially important for athletes at this time, because 2018  was the first year in which CBD has been off the World Anti-Doping Agency Banned Substance list. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the standard for drug testing for athletes throughout the world, having them remove CBD from their banned substance list is a huge step for athletes.

CBD and Sports Medicine

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The use of CBD in sports medicine is increasing, because of its ability to neutralize inflammation-based issues such as muscle pain and tendonitis, and relieve the chronic physical pain that sports can induce.  CBD simultaneously helps athletes to manage stress and anxiety created by needing to perform at a prominent level every single day. CBD addresses a full spectrum of problems many athletes face. It is clear that CBD is a wonderful multifaceted product for athletes to use.  

Products that work

vitaflow sport pro performance line product capsules

Vitaflow’s  patented formulation of botanicals and use of the highest quality CBD are composed to create superior products made for the specific areas and needs of all athletes. Our mission is to enhance body function, while symbiotically working with the body’s natural receptors, enhancing performance and recovery for every active individual who is dedicated to the pursuit of taking mastery to the next level, while simultaneously balancing the endocrine system for peak performance. VitaFlow Sport products include CBD hemp oils, capsules, topical creams, and specially formulated energy boosting sport shots that all feature our unique CBD hemp oil extract and patented botanicals. Visit our shop to find a multitude of products to fit your needs

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