Using CBD Could be a Game Changer for Pro Athletes

football player dive into the football field with a football
There’s an epidemic of brain injuries in football and hardly any options to treat them. In Miami, researchers are now developing a medication derived from cannabinoids that they believe could one day be mandatory for professional and youth athletes alike. The medication would likely come in pill form and be used to treat concussions and related symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries are responsible for a significant number of fatalities and disabilities in the United States. Roughly 30% of all injury deaths in the country involve traumatic brain injuries (like a concussion), as recorded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These types of injuries are common among those with highly physical and dangerous careers, like athletes and U.S. military members. But finding adequate treatments for traumatic brain injuries has proven difficult. “One thing has eluded us—a clinically proven medication to treat concussion,” said Gillian A. Hotz, a professor of neurological surgery and principal investigator in the study, in a press release. This new medication is made up of both an NMDA amino acid anesthetic and cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in cannabis. CBD reportedly has anti-inflammatory properties that could help treat the brain’s inflammation following trauma and could be a game changer for pro athletes. Read the Complete Story at

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