Colorado Study Recruits Retired Athletes To Test CBD’s Impact on Overall Health

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As hemp-derived CBD becomes more readily available across retail outlets nationwide, athletes and consumers who lead an active lifestyle are gradually incorporating CBD products into their regiments for physical performance and recovery.  Colorado CBD study is calling for all retired or former athletes who have played in college or professional sports to try out CBD products and dosages to test how these products can affect their overall health. 

Cannabis Clinicians Colorado, a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to studying cannabinoids, has recruited sixteen retired athletes to participate in a study to see how using CBD affects qualities of life such as sleep and chronic pain.

The study consists of an eight-week “active period,” where participants take different CBD products and increase their CBD intake every two weeks by 25 milligrams. The first two weeks consist of a 25-milligram dosage, eventually reaching 100 milligrams by the end of the active period. Participants will then be taken off the product for a month, and will report if any CBD effects lasted after one month. Participants will also record how they feel each day during the study, and undergo electroencephalogram tests to record brain patterns while on and off CBD.

According to the director of CCC, Martha Montemayor, the organization hopes that the results will create more rigorous trials for CBD products, especially those marketed towards athletes and active users. Ultimately they want to look at which products stand out the most and conduct further analysis on how the dosage can affect the participants. 

Those interested in the study can email [email protected] to see if they qualify and attend screenings on September 27 and 28.

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