First CBD Food Truck Takes Off in Tennessee

Veteran Vibe CBD, a U.S Veteran-run CBD company in Nashville Tennessee, launched the nation’s first ever CBD food truck that features hemp infused sandwiches, teas, and gummy worms with most items priced at under $10. 

Veteran Vibe CBD showing their first CBD food truck interaction with customers

Kenneth Smith, the owner of the business, took in all the rules and restrictions from both the food truck and CBD business and applied it to his business model over the span of a two-year process. As proof of his products are within the legal limit of THC, Smith keeps certificates of third party lab results on the truck 

Only weeks into the operation, Veteran Vibe CBD food truck has already marked the second stop at the Southern Hemp Expo in September. “It’s really rewarding because it’s a great way to educate the community, people need to know the healing effects of CBD,” said Smith. “There’s a difference between marijuana and CBD. There is a huge misnomer out there. A lot of people get confused by the two and as soon as they hear anything with cannabis.”

As hemp-derived CBD becomes more readily available across retail outlets nationwide, we are expecting more CBD brands on the horizon to showcase their products and educate the public about the positive effects of cannabinoids through creative ways such as food trucks, sports conventions, and pop-up events. Stay tuned as we reveal VitaFlow Sport’s events!

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