vitaflow sport is hiring

Pro Program Coordinator

To help VitaFlow Sport grow to the next level, we’re now looking for an Pro Program Coordinator (Affiliate Manager) to join our fast-paced team.  We are adding new sales channels into Pickleball and Tennis to our e-commerce business.

This is a virtual position.


  • Assist in growing existing and newly added affiliate programs for maximum customer exposure.
  • Identify and recruit new affiliate channel & market partnerships.
  • Create and implement marketing strategies aimed at gaining the response from potential affiliates.
  • Handle communication with affiliates and provide appropriate customer support.
  • Provide incentives to top-performing affiliates to assist them in maximizing their efforts.
  • Analyze affiliate performance and handle any imminent disputes.
  • Review new partnership offers, and provide appropriate feedback.
  • Create and maintain liaison with operations, accounting and sales to ensure that affiliates’ needs are efficiently managed.


  • Currently a part-time position.
  • Primarily a commission based position.
  • Bonuses for goal completions.

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