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Life is busy!  We are all striving to be our best.  Working, training, trying to be the best husband, wife, son, boss, athlete, etc.  It is easy to lose sight of the moments we could be missing. A balanced life is a full life.  We refer to it as living life in the flow! Live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Sometimes, that is easier said than done. A few simple practices can improve your ability to enjoy life. Practice each one until it becomes a habit, and you will see and feel your life shift and expand, creating more joy and well being.

Choose To Be Positive

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Resist the the urge to complain.  It allows undesirable thoughts to take over and creates a negative mindset. Limit negativity to increase positivity. As soon as a complaint registers, down play it. Instead, think of a positive aspect of the scenario or change your train of thought. Do not get lost in pondering, there are too many wonderful things to think and speak about.

Be Grateful

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Gratitude is a virtue that brings great enjoyment to life. Take time each day to be grateful for life experiences. The comfort of bed, the smell of coffee, and the fresh air are regular blessings of life. Remember, not everyone has access to small pleasures. Even more, people do not take the time to fully experience the small pleasures that fill their lives. Do not be one of them. Stop and take the time to be grateful. Begin by writing a gratitude list at the end of each day. At least ten experiences each day should make the list. Soon, it will be second-hand nature to be grateful for the people and experiences in your life.

Smile Often

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Smiling has a positive effect on mood and perceived energy levels. The act of smiling can improve attitude in a matter of seconds. Try it the next time a bad mood comes along to immediately reverse it. Smiles project happiness and confidence by softening other facial features. Not only can smiling improve the mood of surrounding individuals, but it can also be heard. Most people can determine whether the person they are speaking to over the phone is smiling by the tone and rhythm of voice. Enjoy yourself and smile.

Practice Deep Breathing

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Stretch out the diaphragm with deep breathing. Muscular stress, heart rate, and blood pressure can all be reduced in a few deep breaths. Commonly practiced amongst pregnant women, Lamaze is one form of deep breathing that aids with pain management during the birthing process. Breathing can help center attention and focus the mind. Shallow breathing is a response to stress and fear. The body has an opposite reaction to deep breathing. Use the 6-2-6 method: breathe in for a count of 6; hold for 2; and exhale for 6. Reduce stress, enjoy life, and take some time to breathe deeply.

Laugh As Much As You Can

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People who enjoy their life laugh a lot. Learn to laugh more by finding humor in everyday situations. Even situations that may usually annoy, scare or inflame you. Choose humor over upset, especially when only the reaction to the situation is under your control. Laughing alone or with others is a great way to enjoy life.


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Exercise the mind and feed the soul with meditation. Meditation is not the absence of thought, but rather the focus on the present. Thoughts of the past and future that occur during meditation are supposed to be acknowledged and let go. In other words, meditation is the practice of detachment from the emotions that we usually tie to our thoughts. A great metaphor for the mind during meditation is like a screen at the movies. A waterfall can be projected, but the screen does not get wet. A thought can pass through the mind, but the mind does not have to react. The practice of meditation has led to improved feelings of happiness, lower stress, and increased empathy.

Continue Learning

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The mind needs to be constantly challenged to continue to grow. Learning something new on a regular basis increases self-efficacy and leads to feelings of accomplishment. Whether learning a new fact to a new skill, acquiring knowledge is a valuable and enjoyable experience. Watch the news, listen to a podcast, and read a blog to pick up new information. Take a class, read a book, or join a club to learn new skills. Apply the information immediately to solidify it in your memory. Expand your view of life and the world through learning.

When you take the time to develop these skills and turn them into habit, you will truly be balanced and have more time and energy to give to all areas in your life.  

Live life in the flow.

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