USA Triathlon Is the First Organization to be Sponsored by a CBD brand

As the public is more aware and educated that cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-intoxicating, legal plant that have healing powers to prevent pain and inflammation, more and more athletes and sports teams in the USA are embracing this natural plant to replace prescription drugs. The USA Triathlon will become the first organization of its type to be sponsored by a company that sells products containing cannabidiol. 

During the past year, a number of notable athletes have established relationships with CBD companies or acknowledged experimenting with the products. They include Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors; John Isner, the tennis player; Bode Miller, the skier; and Bubba Watson, the golfer.

The two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson is among the athletes who have endorsed the use of CBD. Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Athletes at every level — from amateur to pro athletes have experienced positive results such as better performance and faster recovery from workouts,  — have chosen CBD as an alternative method to prescription drugs. Rocky Harris, chief executive of U.S.A. Triathlon, said that the movement to embrace CBD among participants in the sport led his organization on a six-month endeavor to determine the actual risks and benefits of CBD and whether U.S.A. Triathlon could responsibly pursue making money through a sponsorship deal with a CBD company.

“We needed to be able to say if you use this product you will not fail a drug test,” Harris said. 

As not every CBD brand are free of the banned compound THC, some testing procedures may not be able to determine whether a substance is CBD or THC. All products from VitaFlow Sport –  hemp oils, capsules, topical creams that contain cannabidiol have all been tested and certified by third party providers to ensure our products are THC-free. 


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